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Peruvian Mountains

Cordillera Blanca

The mountains of Peru's Cordillera Blanca are enormously scenic, a glacial wilderness of translucent turquoise lakes, hidden waterfalls, and dazzling ice-fluted mountain peaks. It's one of the Andes' most spectacular ranges yet one of the world's best-kept secrets.

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Cordillera Huayhuash

The Circuit of the Cordillera Huayhuash is one of the classic trekking circuits of the world. The Huayhuash is a compact, rugged range, and includes the second highest peak in Peru - Yerupajá Grande - 6634m.

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Cordillera Raura

This trek in the Cordillera Raura is the least known internationally. This does not mean it is not a worthy trek, but simply that it is a new and different route on the Peruvian Cordilleras.

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Trekking Cuzco

The grandiose Empire Incaico was totally covered by a complexety net of ways that the experienced construction Incas realized. The admirable ways incaicos, of magnificent causeways with hundreds of kilometres of length, were joining all the limits of the Empire.

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