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Peruvian Mountains

Peruvian Mountains Trekking and mountain tour operator legal and fully registered and authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism of Peru to organize expeditions, tours, adventures, hikes, we commit and guarantee that your vacations are safe and pleasant.

Before making your trips you must review the company's legal documents to ensure the safety and reliability of travelers / mountaineers / hikers.

Licenses and Authorizations of: PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS EIRL
  • Activity: Tour Operador
  • Operation license: By Municipality of Huaraz – Permit No.: 2009-09774
  • Operation license: By the Regional Government of Foreign Trade and Commerce of Ancash – N° 105-2010-DIRCETUR
  • RUC SUNAT(Unique Taxpayer Registration Number): 20408115087
  • Authorized by Huascarán National Park : N° 42
  • AAVOTA Active Member: Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism Operators of Ancash
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