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Tours to Rocotuyoc Lagoon - Frozen Lagoon – Guided Tours

Rocotuyoc Lagoon at 4550m. It is located north of Huaraz in the province of Carhuaz, District of Marcara in the Peasant Community of Vicos, Laguna Rocutuyoc located at the foot of the Nevado Copa in the Honda Valley within the Cordillera Blanca, there are two access routes through the town of Vicos or by Joncopampa. Once you arrive with transportation at the foot of the Rocutuyoc lagoon, it is possible to take a 30 - 40 minute walk to the small frozen lagoon that is located at the top of the Rocutuyoc lagoon. Frozen Lagoon a small lake at the foot of the glacier where mini icebergs float

Duration: Full day
Season: All year
Difficulty: Easy
Walk: 30 – 40 m. (the frozen lagoon)
Departure: 7:00 am
Return: 4:00 pm
Price: Private / Shared Service – Contact us

Churup Lake – Tours Day Acclimatization day – Huaraz Tours

Churup lake the most beautiful lake in the Andes with spectacular mountain views Lake Churup itself lies just below the summit of Mount Churup at 4450m so it’s a good, testing climb but an easy descent and because Churup is within such easy reach of Huaraz, it makes a perfect acclimatisation day trek for anyone getting ready for longer treks in in the cordillera blanca or the Huayhuash mountain range. The last part is rock climb

Time: 5 – 6 H.
Private Service: 1 Pers. / 2 Pers.
Price Per Pers: 80 US / 55 US
Shared Service: 50 S/.

Pastoruri – Puya Raymondi – hiking Tours day

Pastoruri Glacier and Puya Raymondi is an full adventure day tour which offers a great opportunity for a close up view and contact of the Pastoruri glacier, located at 17,192ft / 5240m in altitude, you need to be well acclimatized before going (we recommend to spend at least a day in Huaraz first). For many visitors, the contact with this glacier is a unique experience. Because it is one of the easiest snowcapped peaks to reach, it is a very well-known destination of the region located 80 km/south of Huaraz.

Time: Full day
Private Service: 1 Pers. / 2 Pers.
Price per Pers: 95 US / 65 US
Shared Service: 60 S/.

Laguna Willcacocha – Cordillera Negra – Daily Tours

Wilkacocha lake at 3,700m. is located south of Huaraz beautiful lake in the Cordillera Negra Mountain Range, the hiking this place take half day is good for get acclimatization for beginners , along the trail we going to see the local quechua people , farmers people and from the wilcacocha lake we enjoy the beautiful mountains views of the Cordillera Blanca.

Time: Half day
Private Service: 1 Pers. / 2 Pers.
Price per Pers: 85 US / 60 US
Shared Service: 50 S/.

Paron Lake – Cordillera Blanca – Walks Hikes Day

Paron lake is the largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca,32 km from the city of Caraz, at 4185 m asl, surrounded by several snow peaks. The lake, formed as a natural moraine reservoir, has an area of 44.3 km², 3.7 km long and average of 700 m width, the original depth was about 75 m, but today the level was lowered ca. 15 m to prevent the collapse of the moraine. The high concentrations of dissolved lime give the water of Paron a turquoise color.It's a popular day hike. We will see the next peaks artesonraju, paron, huandoy peaks, pisco and others.

Private Service: 1 Pers. / 2 Pers.
Price per Pers: 120 US / 75 US
Shared Service: 60 S/.

Llanganuco Lake – 69 Lake Tours Huaraz – Guided Tours

Llanganuco Lake the most beautiful lake ( Chinancocha & Orconcocha ) located between Huascaran Mount and Huandoy Mountain in the llanganuco valley . the 69 lake located below of the Chacraraju mountain Peak, are Amazing Beautiful and the most popular lakes

Time: Full day
Private Service: 1 Pers. / 2 Pers.
Price per Pers: 100 US / 70 US
Shared Service: 50 S/.

Mountain Bike Huaraz – Cordillera Blanca

For the mountain biker the possibilities are unlimited. Huaraz is a mountain biker´s mecca, and with the addition of full-suspension bikes by Pedal Peru / Mountain Bike Adventures for 2007 we hope to take the experience to a new level. From town you can be on single track in ten minutes. With our guide services the possibilities increase tremendously. On one side of the valley lies the Cordillera Negra, a snowless range and on the other side the Cordillera Blanca and its looming peaks. Bike touring is a treat for the incredible scenery and cultural exchanges as you pass through many Andean villages. Trekking and climbing are also two very popular pastimes that can be arranged by us. Huaraz is a great destination for the outdoor enthusiast and excellent place to mix with the Peruvian highlands culture

Category A: Concidered suitable for beginners . understands routes of soft earring slope and hard and compact area .
Category B: For more experience ..area wiht certain experience it includes circuits that develop on zones of moderate slope and carry a level of risk for those who practise them.
Category C: It is recerved for the experts it is characterized because the areas where it is practised are areas of great earring slope and soils extremely fragile or of soft consistency , carries a high level of risk and often it suppose reaching big altitudes.
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