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High Mountain Rescue and Safety Course 2024

Peruvian Mountains

The mountain course is that integrates system and techniques of rescue operations with self-rescue ropes in a steep terrain, glacier, rough areas or high mountain, also involves self-rescue in crevasses and involves evacuating, transferring patients in a mountainous area, glaciers or preparing for helicopter operations.

The ongoing rescue update is to prevent accidents and identify potential dangers in the mountains and avoid them by acquiring proper training.

Organized rope rescue requires organizational skills, technical training and so rescue teams must respond to each incident safely.

Mountain rescue operations and evacuation techniques employed is to facilitate safety and organization and each mission can be divided into four linked stages: location, reach, stabilization and evacuation.

Rescue teams must be qualified and prepared to the best of their ability. However, in mountaineering accidents the best skill is improvisation with whatever or whomever you have to perform the task.

In a mountain crevasse and avalanche rescue course you will learn how and when to use ropes, anchor systems, techniques or knots, etc. All this is very important to know and recognize for a group or personal work in the mountain and this rescue your group, your partner or rescue yourself.

Mountain Safety and Rescue Course organized from April 05 - 07, 2024 in Valle de Llaca was a success.

Peruvian Mountains E.I.R.L. since its constitution has the need and obligation to conduct a course of safety and mountain rescue training and updating for all its staff such as mountain guides, tour guides, mountain porters, mountain cooks, mountain assistants who play in different forms of mountain tourism and adventure.

Peruvian Mountains E.I.R.L. launches a new stage of this safety and rescue course in high mountain for all its team that will allow them to learn and strengthen their skills and work ensuring maximum safety with proper handling of mountain equipment that ensure total protection in the workplace that is the mountain.

The safety and mountain rescue course is of vital importance for all people dedicated to the activity of adventure tourism and mountain where Peruvian Mountains staff are trained, updated, competitive, efficient when they provide their guiding services and conduct their ascents in a safe manner with professionalism.

The purpose is that all its staff is updated and trained in different activities and high mountain rescue and as a professional is with the technical ability to guide, guide hiking ascents lead domestic and foreign tourists in different places inside and outside our Peruvian territory in a special way in the Cordillera Blanca Cordillera Huayhuash - Peruvian Andes.


  • To have competitive, specialized and high level professionals in the expeditions we carry out.
  • To promote and spread the tourism potential of our region.
  • To know the new techniques and systems of climbing and mountain rescue.
  • To have the basic knowledge to carry out a mountain rescue with the minimum material.


  • Techniques and use of mountain materials
  • Practice of dynamic, static, self-blocking knots, meetings and anchoring systems.
  • Rescue and self-rescue on rock and evacuation of the injured.
  • Rescue and self-rescue and evacuation of the injured on mountain – glacier


  • Official Mountain Guides IVBV - UIAGM - IFMGA of the Casa de Guias - Huaraz - Peru.


to all the participants and in a very special way to all the Peruvian Mountains Travel and Tourism Agency team for completing this course that is of utmost importance for each of them that will serve them in the work field and we hope that they will use the skills and techniques learned during the course.


  • To all the participants - Official Mountain Guides - Tourist Guides - Mountain Assistants - Cooks.
  • Tourist Transportation Andy Tours
  • Tourist Transport Yashuri Tours

PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS - Making the Difference is dedicated to producing quality manpower - quality service for the mountain tourism industry in Peru and South America.


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