Aconcagua Mountain Expeditions By Rodolfo Reyes Peruvian Mountains Guides

Day A.- Arriva in Mendoza 760m.                                                                                                                                After my arrival I went to office of the Aconcagua National Park for permit process for entrance. Ready for Aconcagua

Day 1.- Mendoza – Drive to Horcones – Hike up to Confluencia Camp 3300m.

Day 2.- Confluencia – Plaza de Mulas 4300m.                                                                                                          The trek follows the Horcones Superior River and then rises up onto a lateral moraine next to the Horcones Glacier. Trekking 6 ½  hours

Day 3.- Plaza de Mulas – Cerro Bonette 5,100m. – Plaza de Mulas                                                                From the top there are great vistas of Aconcagua and the surrounding mountains. Go and back 5 hours

Day 4.- Plaza se Mulas – Nido de Condores 5,300m                                                                                             After my breakfast I was ready for climb up to Nido de condores. 6 hours

Day 5.- Summit day  Aconcagua 6,962m.                                                                                                                        After the hot drink 2:00 am. I started to climb up toward to Aconcagua top. 9:00 am I did Aconcagua summit after many pictures then back for 6 hours to Nido de Condores Camp.

Day 6.- Nido de Condores – Plaza de Mulas.                                                                                                      Descent for 3 hours to base Camp.                                                                                                                                    Celebration dinner with wine

Day 7.- Plaza de Mulas Horcones – drive to Mendoza.                                                                                         Trek out from plaza de mulas to the Horcones visitor center, where my private car was waiting me then drive to mendoza Hotel.

 I saw Aconcagua Mount and I said: Bye Bye Aconcagua thank you for everything thank you Aconcagua for permits me to reach the top I hope to back soon.


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